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Do I need to consult a business broker?
Selling a business is complex. If you donít have any experience you probably should consider working with an Agency that has qualified buyers and experience working with businesses in many industries. They will be able to accurately value your business. That agency will also be considerably more experienced in negotiating. All these factors can save you a lot of time, effort and money in the long run. At Executive Business Brokers, we typically represent hundreds of small to mid-size businesses in retail, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing & service related industries with prices ranging from $100K to $5M+.

How does the broker get paid?
Executive Business Brokers gets paid only when a business deal closes.

Will I need to help with the sale?
Yes, but you will have help.  Selling a business is complex. There are many players involved, such as bankers, accountants, lawyers and landlords. A business broker will be able to assist you with determining value, locating potential buyers, conducting productive negotiations, structuring the purchase and coordinating the closing.

Why is confidentiality important?
Confidentiality is most important to the seller. Selling a business could be bad for business. Competitors may try to use it to lure away customers who may decide they donít want to do business with a business that is up for sale. Additionally, employees may fear for their jobs if they feel their future is uncertain.

What is the definition of a "small to mid-size" businesses?
There are many definitions of the small to mid-size businesses. For our purposes, we define it as companies with values between $100K and $5M.

How does EBB find buyers?
We maintain a database of active strategic and financial buyers. We also have a strong marketing program that includes Internet marketing, direct mail, telemarketing, newspaper ads and Web site promotions.

Why do businesses fail after they are purchased?
The main reason a business fails after purchase is because of the buyer. Buyers may underestimate the amount of cash needed to operate the business. A business can also fail if the buyer neglects to implement a successful business plan or if the buyer has poor management skills.


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