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Growth Through Merger or Acquisition

In most cases it is more profitable for a business to grow by acquisition. It is also faster, more economical, less risky and easier to finance.  If you are considering a merger/acquisition, our advice is for you to base your purchase on strategic value, not price.

Each year, EBB assists buyers and sellers with acquiring or selling  businesses for strategic reasons. In some instances, we have been able to match buyers with businesses not originally up for sale.

Specifically, we can help you find a business and locate a buyer, then negotiate and close the deal. More importantly, we can help you understand the more complex issues around acquiring or merging a business into your company, such as:

- How to Structure the Deal
- Determining Market Value
- Conducting Due Diligence on a Business

Interested in exploring your M&A options with EBB? We encourage you to contact us for more information.

Determining Fair Market Value
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